Trip to the Dome!

Corinne and her Dad climbed the steps inside the Tippecanoe County Courthouse Dome.  
Here is our photo record of the trip.

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

This is the Tippecanoe County Courthouse on a cloudy day. 

First, you have to find the secret door.

Secret Door


X-mas Lights

On the first level, we see the old chains and weights that used to power the clock.  It's electric now.

Also, the Christmas lights that drape the dome in December are stored on this floor.

Clock Stairs

Let's go up to the clock!

More Clock Stairs

Here are the clockworks


Clock Face

This is the back of one of the clock faces.  It is about 30 seconds before 3:00.  It was fun to watch the gears and levers as the bell chimed.

This is the view south at clock level

View South

View Back Down

We've gotten pretty high so far!

Now we are at the base of the dome

Dome Base


At the "ring" level, we have only a catwalk.

This is the final ladder to the top.  The trap door opens just under the bell.  (This is as far as I got)

Final Steps

Corinne in the Dome

Corinne made it too!


Be sure to leave your mark for future generations!

As we walk down, we can see the top of the domed ceiling.

Walk Down


Here it is from the 2nd floor

UPDATE:  A couple of days later, I went up again and made it all the way to the trap door.  Even though it was padlocked and I couldn't open it, I still feel like I made it!

Trip #2